Untapped Potential to Fastest Growing Segment of Society
Wow! I can't believe it. I found a 2009 article by Roy Adams in the Adventist Review that refers to an article that I wrote for the Canadian Union Messenger about the single adults. Yes, it been a while ago but, here is a link to the Review article:


So what do you think about Roy's article?
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thank you for posting this article---it was about foot washing

Yes, it was about foot washing, but it's neat that an Adventist Review editor noticed what you had written in your Canadian Union Messenger. I'd love to see your article. Do you still have it?
Yes, Scary, I'm sure I have it somewhere but, I would need to look for it. One day soon...........
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I think this is the article that Roy A. referring to:

The Untapped Potential for Ministry to the Fastest Growing Segment of Society

A whitened field ready for harvest, aptly describes the potential for ministry and outreach to the largest and fastest growing people group in society today; the single adult.

In North America 44-48% of adults are single while only 26% of all households are made up of a father, mother and children; the ‘ideal family’. Where once a person’s primary social group was his family, now we find our society breaking down into groups and subgroups with special interests and special needs. One of these subgroups is the single adult.

The term ‘single adult’ covers a wide range of categories and age groups.

1. Never married - 46.5 million (18 years old and up)
2. Divorced - 19.4 million
3. Widowed - 13.5 million (most of these over 65 years of age)
4. Separated - 7.2 million (The separated person is legally married but living a single lifestyle.)” 1

The total number of singles in the United States in 1995 was 86.6 million. This means that unmarried adult Americans are the population equivalent of the 14th largest country on earth.

Society in general is doing something for this group of single people. In fact, today singles comprise the largest concentrated pool of sales prospects in the country. Singles are the biggest purchasers of sports cars, condominiums, and fashions; the greatest frequenters of restaurants (often 8-10 times a week), and are the target of most major movies, television advertisements, and health clubs. Singles go where singles are, singles are spending more money, and singles are setting trends.
In a recent study that George Barna’s Research Group carried out on single adults in the United State and published in 2002 in the book, Single Adults, it was found that over 78% of all singles in the United States say they are Christians and yet only 1/3 of them have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Singles in all of these situations can most assuredly be considered a field ripe for the harvest (John 4:35-36). The singles population, possibly more than any other, is searching for answers to their questions and something to fulfill their lives.

So, what is the Adventist Church doing about this? Our church is doing a good job of expanding its term ‘family,’ moving from a traditional family definition to one that attempts to include the singles, widows, single-parent families, extended families, expanded families, step families, and blended families. We are attempting to become the Family of God!

However in many places the single church member is not feeling the inclusion. To reach out to community singles and bring them into the church we must have a church that is an accepting, loving, safe and nurturing place for the single adult.

What is Singles Ministries?

Jesus was single and I like to think that Jesus was the real founder of Singles Ministries for throughout the four Gospels we find reference to Him spending time in the home of some of His devoted and beloved friends; the three single family members in Bethany; Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. In Desire of Ages page 524 Ellen White states that:
“At the home of Lazarus, Jesus had often found rest…Here He found a sincere welcome, and pure holy friendship. Here He could speak with simplicity and perfect freedom, knowing that His words would be understood and treasured.”

This is Singles Ministries, a Christ inspired ministry, where unmarried church members and friends come apart for a while to experience the unconditional love and acceptance by others who understand what it is like to be single in a couple’s world. A safe place to be nurtured, to heal from wounds of the past, or to recover from the loss of a spouse.

1. Singles Ministries is a Christ-centred ministry which encourages and provides opportunity for all singles to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

2. Singles Ministries gives a positive identity for singles in the church so they can be
accepted and loved as a part of their church family.

3. Singles Ministries is a ministry that provides a safe place for Christian fellowship
and friendship. One of the greatest needs of the single adult is to establish healthy friendships with other men and women. It is a ministry where all singles are loved and accepted just as they are.

4. Singles Ministries is a ministry that offers opportunities for personal growth and
healing from the losses in ones life.

5. Singles Ministries is a place where singles have a warm nurturing family
and a place to bring their community single friends.

In the past Adventist Singles Ministries has included a wide age range; 18 years and up. However, it is unwise for a church to try to begin a ministry for singles of all ages in one group. Different age groupings represent different interests, needs and physical abilities, and each age group may have several types of single adults.

Church Outreach to the Singles in our Communities

There is a statement found in Acts of the Apostles, pg 28

“The gospel commission is the great missionary charter of Christ’s kingdom. The disciples were to work earnestly for souls, giving to all the invitation of mercy. They were not to wait for the people to come to them; they were to go to the people with their message.”

We are not to wait until the singles in our communities come to us asking about our message. We are to take the message to them. The most effective form of evangelism for singles is friendship evangelism.

If a single from the community came to your church today, what kind of welcome would they receive? Would they be loved and accepted into God’s family by both married and single members alike? Would they see that there is a better way and a Jesus who loves them? We, His church must do all we can to ensure that we receive them with open arms and hearts. Is our church ready? “The field is white and ready for harvest.”

End Notes
1 Single Adult Ministry Journal – Issue 1309 pg 7
2 Rich Hurst in “Keys to an Effective Single Adult Ministry”
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thank you for posting this article---it was interesting and informative

Yes, many of us don't even know what Singles Ministries is all about so the article I wrote was to get across to married and singles what this ministry is. Actually it is just that......a ministry.
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Yes, darlene, you shared some good information and it looks like other people are read it. Interesting....
Yes, I'm glad they are/have read it. Nice to have informed people and hopefully things in our churches and communities will change.....more acceptance.
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We are starting a new 2014 year. We must ask, "Is our church ready to receive and accept single adults into the church family? The above articles are certainly ones to reread and rethink about. Are you ready to accept all single adults as worthy candidates for Heaven? We do know that Jesus is coming very soon!
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Yes, how is the ministry doing in your area and in your church? Is it a growing ministry? Do people understand what the ministry really is? If not, what can be done to change it? Really we'd like to hear your thoughts.
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I sure do hope my church is ready to accept all adults. Afterall, isn't that the way God looks at us. He loves all people, doesn't He?
Yes, all our churches need to accept all adults. After all Christ died for all people and we need to love and care for everyone the way He would do. Yes, Scary, I agree with you God loves all people. It's what we do with that love that determines our fate, isn't it?
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