Computer Sales reguar.
Computer sales are on the rise. Research has shown that in the United States in 2005, personal computer sales rose 35%, and revenue increased 11%. This is compared to Thanksgiving 2004, when PC's sales increased only 7 % and revenue actually decreased by 3%. Notebook and desktop computers were the most impressive sellers during Thanksgiving week due to strong "Black Friday sales," according to Current Analysis. Black Friday sales occur on the day following Thanksgiving. Several manufacturers of computers benefited during this time including HP, Gateway and Toshiba. Windows and Apple computers made a respectable showing as well. The most popular computer sold in this time period was the Notebook. It led the way in sales, overselling desktops computer by 4%. Still, desktop computer rose 23% year-over- year compared to 2004.

s far programs and service goes, there is more home and entertainment software available for Windows computers than for Macs. However, Macs repeatedly score at or near the top in tech support and reliability. In fact, statistics show that Apple is rated more than 20 points ahead of all the other computer manufacturers for technical support.


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