Broken Computer are both Fix or Fling?
Okay, so your computer has stopped working for whatever reason. Is it the hard drive? The processor? Is it some adware, a Trojan, a virus? Has a chip on the RAM blown or the CPU overloaded?

Should you hire a computer repair service, or should you buy yourself a new computer?

It can be a very difficult decision, one you will base upon your finances and the age of your computer.

If your computer is more than a few years old it may not be cost effective to repair it. For example, if the motherboard blows then unless you can find one of a similar age on ebay you will have to replace the processor, heat sink and memory as well because your originals are not likely to work in your new motherboard.

The cost factor should also be taken into account when thinking about computer repair. Buying a new computer could cost you up to ten times more than repairing your existing computer.


THANK you for posting this infornation

Yes, this is good to know. Maybe one day my computer will die and what do I do? Thanks.
Make it Happen! :-)

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