Pink Laptop Brands
Laptop computers have really become an integral part of the computer market industry. While some years ago desktop models dominated the marketplace, these days, the laptop, which is just a mobile version of the standard larger and stationary desktop, is at the top of the shopping list for most consumers, and for good reason. Laptops provide every possible computing solution but in a portable, handy and mobile device.

Today's laptops are far more advanced than their ancestors, with advanced computing capabilities as well as abundant choices of features, options and colors. Yes, the pink laptop has seen a growing popularity among consumers, and has become a real fashion statement for the lover of pink.

The continuing demand for pink laptops has prompted several manufactures to create them in various shades of pink. Also, don't think for even a minute that the pink laptop brands are some sissy machines, quite the contrary, they are as powerful and offer as much performance as their monochrome counterparts, but also look great as well. The following is a list of manufacturers that make laptops in pink and a look at those models.


Dell makes two pink laptop models, the Inspiron Mini Netbook and the Inspiron 14 standard size laptop. Both come with a variety of features and options that suit a variety of mobile computing needs.


Sony is a top name in laptop computers and the Sony VAIO brand pink laptops not only come in a great bright and shiny pink, but are efficient entertainment and computing machines as well. Featuring, the Intel Centrino Dual Core Processor, touch sensitive embedded A/V controls that change music tracks and volume instantly, superb surround sound through the built-in speakers, up to 4 GB of RAM and a lot more.

Lenovo Pink Models

Lenovo offers the mini laptop version in pink. The Lenovo Idea Pad S10 is loaded with some great features, including, an Intel Atom processor, an 80GB hard drive, built-in webcam and a lot more.

Asus Pink Laptops

Asus brand offers 6 laptop models in a variety of pink tones in their Eee models series and they also have a great starter laptop in pink for little girls. Asus is well known for creating user-friendly computers that offer an intuitive graphic interface. There are several shades of pink available with the Asus models and they also boast premium high quality finishes. Features, various screen sizes from 7 to 10 inches, 2Gb - 8GB hard drives, built in WI-FI and a lot more.
Laptop computer is a growing more and more in the market place .Laptops provide every possible computing solution but in a portable, handy and mobile laptop is creating user-friendly computers that offer an intuitive graphic interface.
Laptop computers have truly grow to be an integral part of the laptop or computer market business. Whilst some years ago desktop models bedeviled the marketplace, nowadays. Sony is really a top name in laptop computers along with the Sony VAIO brand pink laptops not only come in an excellent bright.

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Laptop is a personal computer made for mobile use. Pink is also very nice color. I am using now day Dell Gray laptop.
Netbook for general computational tasks such as checking email, web browsing and document processing only. You can listen to music or watch video on a netbook standard definition, but don't expect to play high-definition video or first shooter that require lots of processing power and resources.
HP mini series laptop aer available in lots of color option in market. Pink color laptops look good for the girls and they love it. But right now the popularity of the tablets increased and people prefer to choose the tablet over mini laptops for entertainment purpose.

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