How to Deal with Children and the Holidays after your Divorce
How to Deal with Children and the Holidays After Your Divorce

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By DK Simoneau

So you think you're moving along and adapting to your new split-family living situation. You take your children to their Dad on Tuesday and you'll see them again on Saturday. It is a bumpy cycle and much to be learned, but you're getting the hang of it. Then what do you spy on your calendar as you turn the page? The next major holiday doesn't fall on Tuesday? It doesn't fall on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday either. You realize you are going to have to go dig out those divorce papers and see what year it is and if it's odd or even and if you get to see your children or if you'll be attending that holiday function without kids in tow. So what can you do to make split-family living better during the holidays?

1. Communicate.
Communication is key to everything, and the holidays are no exception. Talk to your kids and ex-spouse. Maybe the every other year thing is too confusing. Maybe your kids are feeling left out. They might even feel guilty that Mom or Dad is alone. See if you can work on a schedule that works better. Some families opt to split the holidays by time, so that a child is with one parent until 2:00 and the other for the remainder of the day. Some opt to split the holidays so that the kids know that every Thanksgiving they will be with Mom and her family for the entire day, but that every Easter or some other holiday they spend it with Dad and his family. That allows traditions to build and nobody has to stop right in the middle of the fun.

2. Put your differences aside.

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There is more information there on single parenting also...
Well, I would have to say that the article above would fit right in with this time of year; Christmas and New Years. So, if you are a single parent this might just be the article that you need right now. Blessings..............
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thank you for posting this has some good points

Well this is certainly something to think about. So, if you have been divorced and still have children what did you do? Love to hear from you.
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Well our Christmas holiday is now past....Did the topic here about 'Dealing with Children and the Holidays after Divorce' affect you this Christmas?  Was what is said in this thread effective for you this Christmas?  Love to hear your thoughts on this.
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