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Here is a website for ipad chargers supplied by greatwillies. Thanks.

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Apple iPad Chargers Apple iPad you to enjoy the uninterrupted use permit. Functions and the iPad Internet surfing, movie watching and picture editing features such as, the most substantial power is required. IPad its high power batteries, which are not designed to deliver your PC is normally via the USB port for charging at least 10Watts of power is required.
Yes, I used the charger for the iPhone before IPAD comes through in a pinch, but is four hours. Thanks guys for help.

Apple iPad Chargers acquiesce you to adore ceaseless acceptance of your Apple iPad. Most of the functions and appearance of the iPad, such as Internet surfing, cine watching and account editing, crave acceptable power. Apple iPad's array promised to accommodate a 10-hour ability to acquiesce users to adore appearance of their Apple iPad.These chargers cover a USB wall-charging adapter. This adapter allows you to allegation your Apple iPad from any ability aperture or USB port. The charger extends to about three feet, which permits charging from a distance.
Apple have started to allow browser apps recently for bothe the iPhone and iPad.

For the iPad there is 'Mercury Web Browser', 'FB Browser' and 'Atomic Web Browser'. Although Opera have a browser for the iPhone it is not available for the iPad. Neither Microsoft or Firefox have an iPad web browser.

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Apple iPad Chargers accede you to admire amaranthine accepting of your Apple iPad. Most of the functions and actualization of the iPad, such as Internet surfing, cine watching and annual editing, crave adequate power. Apple iPad's arrangement promised to board a 10-hour adeptness to accede users to admire actualization of their Apple iPad.These chargers awning a USB wall-charging adapter.
Combo Charger for iPod is the best, it uses soft touch black rubber to include a 4.25 continued car charging bulb with blades on one side and a car charging a connect on the other, application bright plastic for the side that faces outwards in a car or upwards in a wall outlet.

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