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The Review and Hearald Publishing Association is located in Hagerstown, MD and is the publisher for many of the books and items sold in our Adventist Book Centers. Here is their main website:

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Devotional for Today
Just a Parking Space


And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19, NIV.

I was taking Ana to her physical therapy appointment one Friday, and the traffic was heavy. Even though we started early, my watch told me that we barely had enough time to meet her appointment. But it didn’t worry me, because I prayed that God would take us there on time. And He did!

I dropped Ana at the front entrance of the PT building then looked for a parking place. Parking in Baltimore around the Johns Hopkins area in the morning, when thousands of people come for physical therapy, radiation, or chemotherapy, is difficult. And that doesn’t count all the employees, students, and others who work there! It was my first time in that place, and I really didn’t know much about the parking garages. I asked a guard, who pointed to a parking garage about two blocks away.

Fine, I told myself, I can just park there, and when Ana is done I can drive the car right to the front door and pick her up. But my problem would be finding my way back to the building. There were so many one-way streets and I knew my weakness: directions!

As I slowly drove away from the building, I prayed, Lord, would You mind giving me street parking not far from the physical therapy building? You know how bad I am with directions. I smiled and continued, Lord, would You spoil me today? Just with a parking place?

What an amazing God we serve! Indeed, He is interested in all our needs and supplies them. Before I could even say “amen,” a car pulled out from a 2-hour parking place close to the PT building. Marvelous, Lord! I smiled again and said, Thank You, God, You’re so awesome.

Sometimes we go to God only when we have huge problems. We say to ourselves, Should we bother God with the little cares in our lives? Yet God isn’t bothered with the little details such as a parking space. He is touched when we come to Him with the little things in our lives just as it makes us happy when our children come to us and tell us everything that happens in their lives. He loves us and wants us to trust Him not only in big stuff, but even in the little stuff in our lives. Yes, He even spoils us with a good parking space!

Jemima Dollosa Orillosa

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Well here is a book that beats all! Not sure it is needed but I really admire the lady author Nancy Van Pelt. She did several workshops for us at the BC Camp Meeting and is a very good speakers. The book is called: Love: a field guide for single adults

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