Just what is the ABC?

Their websites says: is the online store for a world-wide network of Christian bookstores called Adventist Book Centers, or ABCs. The site is owned jointly by two Seventh-day Adventist publishers, Pacific Press and Review and Herald Publishing. All the materials on the site are published or distributed by these two publishers. The publishers maintain the site, and the Adventist Book Centers provide the fulfillment services.

When you place an order, it is automatically sent to the participating
Adventist Book Center serving your geographical area--usually the one nearest you. There it is processed, packed, and shipped. Your credit card is charged by the local ABC, at the time the order is shipped, not automatically when you place the order, as it is on some sites. This system assures that your order receives the personal attention it deserves and that it is shipped, whenever possible, from a location near your shipping address, thus saving you shipping time and money.

Your local ABC will let you know by e-mail when your package has been
shipped, and if there are any questions or problems associated with your order, they\'ll e-mail you all the necessary information.

So if you\'re a regular ABC customer, relax! Your friendly ABC staff will be serving you through the internet, just as they do in the store. If you\'re a new ABC shopper, welcome! Click on the Store Locator to see the full list of Adventist Book Centers participating in this website. We hope you\'ll find just what you\'re looking for, on the web or in a real \"bricks and mortar\" ABC. And, either way, we hope you\'ll visit us often.

The main ABC website is at:
The ABC store located is at:
Hey! I like this.......I wonder how long it will last?


1.Place at least $75 of eligible products in your Shopping Cart (Eligible items have the FREE SHIPPING icon next to their price) to receive free shipping on those items.
2.Proceed to checkout
3.Ship your items to a single address in the U.S. or Canada. (This does not include U.S. Territories)

Free shipping only applies to APO/FPO addresses when using a United States ZIP Code. Free shipments to APO/FPO may take several months to arrive.

Free shipping to Alaska may take several weeks to arrive.

Free shipping to Hawaii may take two or more weeks to arrive.

Free shipping only applies to qualifying items.

Shipping and handling charges will apply to non qualifying items in your cart.
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thank you for both of these web sites...

Well I went to the ABC and bought several cans of Fried Chik for my contribution to our two family Christmas meals. My recipe is an excellent on and I've used this recipe many years in several food services and at many potlucks. Here it is:

Chicken and Dressing

One load whole wheat bread (a light weight bread) torn into pieces about 3/4 inch (do not use the crust)
2/3 cup onions, chopped and sauted in oil
2/3 cup celery chopped and sauted in oil
Savory - to taste
Fried Chick sliced 1/2 large can

Mix breading, onions and celery and savory to taste

Put a layer of breading in bottom of casserole dish
Layer of sliced Fried Chik and continue to layer breading and Fried Chik until casserole is filled. Top with breading.

Make brown gravy and heat casserole
Serve brown gravy over heated casserole Serves 6

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Now this link I really like because I can find the websites and locations of the ABC's all across North America just by going to this website. Love it!
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Have you ever shopped at an ABC store? If not, you will be surprised by all they sell; both food and books, cds and dvds. Great place to shop!

If you have shopped there, what it it about an ABC that you like best?
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Here's the South Pacific ABC Center Locator:
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Yes, now is the time to think about Christmas and then go shopping at our ABC. I really like using some of the books and things for Christmas presents. Do you do things like that?
Yes! They have some very good things that would be good for Christmas gifts and for Christmas food.
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ABCs are always good.  Sure can buy a lot of books, cds, dvds and food!  If you haven't been at one you need to check one out.......
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yes every  conference  has  a   Adventist Book  Center for   food  ===books===DVD ===and  other  supplies


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