VOAR - Voice of Adventist Radio
Here is a link to the Voice of Adventist Radio station website where you can either browse or listen to their programming:

For four years, right out of college, I lived and taught school in our Adventist schools in Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a very wonderful place! While there I often listened to VOAR (Voice of Adventist Radio) which is the oldest and only religious radio station in all of Canada. They do a great job and it is really worth listening to.

I used to have so much fun Ingathering in St John's because everyone knew the radio station and they would give very liberally.

Today the British Columbia Conference has about eight transmitter radio station broadcasting of VOAR in several cities and are working on getting many more. In other words we can listen to VOAR broadcasts via satelite from Newfoundland. I still am not close enough to listen to one but, we're working on getting one in Abbotsford. I can hardly wait until we can hear the station!
I was just listening to VOAR for a few minutes. Great programming! Can't wait until we get the okay for it to come to Abbotsford! Hope it's soon.
On my trip to Alberta I was able to listen to VOAR as I passed through Golden, BC. It was wonderful! Certainly is a great station and I am now really, really looking forward to have it broadcast in Abbotsford so we can listen to it there!
Just listened to the station for a five minutes. Got to love that station! It's now located about 8 places in British Columbia. We're still working on transmitter stations but, it still hasn't come to Abbotsford though I know Stan and Mary are working on it. Can't wait!
Wow! Stan J. was telling us today that there are 7 more requests for this radio station in the Kootenays part of British Columbia. There are a couple of Assemblies of God hosting the station and a couple of other churches besides Adventist Churches. They are very excited to have a Christian radio station in Canada. The body that controls radio stations in Canada, the CRTC, does not allow any Christian radio stations in Canada. The only way VOAR is allowed to broadcast is because it began back in the 1920's and so was 'grandfathered in.' Yes, God is working mightily with this station!
Our Conference President, Gordon Pifher, was telling the people at the Okanagan Camp Meeting yesterday that we now have VOAR in the following locations in BC and that 40 more applications have been filed with Industry Canada for approval.

The station is rebroadcast in:

Prince George

The Lord is really opening doors because there isn't any other religious radio station in Canada. VOAR was grandfather'd in because the station began in the 1920s and still continues todays.
Oh, I missed Williams Lake. It now has VOAR.
The 13th Sabbath Offering for 3rd Quarter - that would be the last week of September 2008, goes to The Voice of Adventist Radio - VOAR and Life Talk Radio.

Just recently a new door of opportunity is opening which allows VOAR's signal to be re-broadcast from local area FM transmitters throughout Canada. Canada does not allow religious radio however, VOAR was grandfathered in because if was started back in 1929 before such regulations came in. That is why we have several rebroadcasts of this station in British Columbia and that is why the 13th Sabbath Offering for 3rd Quarter is going for this project.

If your church receives Spotlight on Missions (formerly Mission Spotlight) part of the program is on VOAR and Life Talk Radio. (I intend on watching some tonight to check it out! Big Grin

well I will try and remember to see if i can notice
that part of spotlight on missions.

Actually if your church has Spotlight on Missions you can't miss the part on VOAR because 2 of the month segments are totally on VOAR. Watched it last night. It was especially good (for me) to see the VOAR announcer, Paul Taylor. Haven't seen him for years when I taught his sister Lana in the St John's Adventist School. Now that's a l o n g time ago.
VOAR is also highlighted in the 3rd Quarter Adventist Missions DVD from the General Conference Missions Department. So, whether you get Spotlight on Missions or not, all churches are sent the Adventist Missions DVD free. So you should be seeing at least something about VOAR in July, August and September.
Hope, British Columbia now had VOAR. It was really great to listen to it during BC Camp Meeting!
Stan was telling us today that we now have VOAR in 10 places. I'm not sure which one I'm missing but, they have 20 more requests for approval into Industry Canada. Hopefully they will get approval soon.
WELL this is good the more stations that care the VOAR
the more people will hear.


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