Halloween is a Special Day?
Well Halloween is now only 3 days away - October 31.  For some this day is the biggest day of the year.  Not sure why but, it can be a lot of fun.  

Last year we didn't have anyone coming trick or treating to our house but, tomorrow I'm going to buy some treats so that we're prepared if they do come.

What will you be doing?
Make it Happen! :-)

It  will be  a   normal  night  NO   LIGHTS===NO  CANDY===

MANY   of  the  Catholic  Countries  have  ALL  SAINTS  DAY===NOV 1  HONORING ALL dead  saints

Then  on NOV  2  have  ALL  SOULS  DAY===HONORING   DEAD  Relatives

the  Catholics  believe  that  the  peoples  souls  are  still  alive====it  is  interesting

that  most   religions are  thinking  that they are   honoring  dead  people that they  think are  still  alive==

just  like  Halloween=====

Hadn't realized that about November 1 and November 2.  Must be really good for some people to think about this.  Hope they have great days.
Make it Happen! :-)
Well we had one young boy come Trick or Treating to my house and we were ready.  So.....no tricks.   Big Grin
Make it Happen! :-)

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