The Purpose of this Forum in 2019
The purpose of this forum in 2019 has not changed and we are still here because we are:

1.  A place where single adult church members and their single adult friends can come and discuss issues of importance to the single adult whether they are never married, divorced or widowed. 

2.  A place where Adventist Single Adult Ministry Leaders can come and share what ministry ideas and events have worked for them and what hasn't. 

3.  A place where upcoming events can be posted and links posted to other Adventist Single Adult Ministries websites.

4.  A place of community for the single adult church member and their single adult friends.

5.  A place of Christian friendship and fellowship.  It is to be "A Christ-centered, safe place of fellowship, nurture and service for single adults and friends".

6.  And above all it is to be a place where we can learn more about our Friend, Jesus, the ultimate single adult. anything missing here?  Love to hear your thoughts.
Make it Happen! :-)

 this  a  a  very  good  list  for this  forum====

Yes, well we have to remember why this forum is here and what it is for and then maybe things will really grow!   Smile
Make it Happen! :-)

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