SAGE Workbee at Conference Camp
Our SAGE Workbee at Foothills Camp begins this evening.  Some with trailers and motor homes will be coming in and setting up and tomorrow morning start working.  We have a very large list of what we will be doing.  Not only will we be doing it but we have some Men's Ministries and a newly formed company coming to help with the work.

We'll be painting all the children's division buildings and the main pavilion.  If it's raining we won't be doing that but, will paint all the inside of all the cabins.  We will be repairing the very old church, cleaning all the washrooms and windows of all the buildings, working to finish the new SAGE Education Nature Centre Building and picking up all the logs and branches around the building and............much, much more.

We have about 45 people coming to help but, more may just show up (I hope).  Meals and rooms/serviced sites are all free to those who work.  

And guess who is the leader or our SAGE Work  I think by Monday night I'll be extremely tired!  Please pray for us.  :-)
Make it Happen! :-)

WELL  it  sounds  like  you  will  have  a  lot  of  people to do  a  lot  of  work====
lots  of  people to  eat  smile==smile===smile

I just got home about 2 hours ago and I am sooooooooooooooooooo tired!  I walked a million miles in the last five days.  Walking around from one work group to another to see if anything was needed and if they were doing what needed to be done, etc.  Tonight I am going to be right away and hopefully will wake up spiffed up and ready to go and do work around my place.  

Our workbee did an awful lot of work and the camp is sooooooo grateful for all that was done.  Will tell you more in the morning after I wake up refreshed!  :-)
Make it Happen! :-)

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