Uluru waterfalls
Uluru waterfalls is such a nice place for visit, especially for nature's sightseeing lovers. It is a filled with stunning views of nature beauty and you can enjoy there photography and many other outside activities. Its incredible beauty appeals me a lot. I also visited there and get great experience there. Anyone have you ever been there if yes then how was your personal experience. I am waiting for your fabulous replies?
Joseph, where are the Uluru Waterfalls?  I haven't heard of them before.
Make it Happen! :-)
Uluru waterfalls such a beautiful wonder of the nature. darlene, I would like to tell you that these are also known as the Uluru / Ayers Rock. They are located at Northern Territory in central Australia. It is such a meaningful place as the waterfall among the rock formations offers such panoramic views to watch out and have a great experience.

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Uluru / Ayers Rock was also a new place for me but your post compels me to see its images. I have searched and now going to share some of them which surely attract you Darlene like me.
[Image: b469f05779bf5019aebdbb38e16b9270.jpg]
[Image: 32f5141e030590ee495f84eeeec0dbb0.jpg]
[Image: uluru-ayers-rock-waterfalls-australia--56502.jpg]
See buddy this place looks just amazing.
Yes, Travis thanks very much for the pictures.....the place does looks amazing.  Maybe one day I'll get to see it.  :-)
Make it Happen! :-)
What an exciting view Travis. Just love to see such kind of appealing places and love to plan a tour toward it. Hope climbing toward its peak point will let me have fun. So, marked the name of Uluru / Ayers Rock on my hit list. if you have any suggestion regarding what to do there then must share frankly here.

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