Special CAT Day
Last night the cat that I have staying at my place had 5 kittens.  One died and another one has bent legs but, is doing well as the other 3 are.  The cat has been staying at my place for about 2 months.  It belongs to a family on a farm about 4 houses away from me but, this cat for some reason like my place.  They know it is here and don't mind it being here because they have about 5 other cats.

So.........I love this cat and call it Fluffy.  It is a yellow persian cat.  

And now............don't know what I'll do with the kittens because then I'll have too many cats......  Smile
Make it Happen! :-)

WELL  I   will be  praying that  people  in your  village  or  church  members  are  willing to  take the kittens

but you  might  want to  have  the cat  fixed or  natured 


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