tour of France
I will take the tour of France with buddies and will get superb experience by this journey. These sights are added to my car6t for exploring:
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
French Riviera
Tuileries Garden
Palace of Versailles
Louvre Museum

I will join day trip from los angeles.
Well, your travel plan is really nice which filled with the great sort of fun. I also like your selection of places which you will visit in France during your journey. For your tour, I recommend you should enjoy a night time at the Eiffel Tower where you can enjoy sightseeing and stunning of this place. At night time, this place looks incredible. One more thing, doesn't try to capture this tower view at night time otherwise you will pay fines on it.
Luna...! I will love to say that you have shared really great list about most popular places with all of us which are the best having some fun around France and you can enjoy hiking, walking, photography and camping at these alluring places and come back with awesome experience. I will suggest you must take your camera with you and can capture gorgeous views of luxury places. I would say that you don't forget to share your personal experience with all of us after finishing the tour. 

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That seems so much amazing and will say that France is such a beautiful place and this will be really massive and must to see a thing a lot ahead. I am gonna have such brilliant and best time as it. It is gonna be really very much impressive and must to see a thing a lot with stuff like this here.

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