trip of Russia
Nevsky Prospect
St. Isaac's Cathedral
Nevsky Prospect
Bolshoi Theatre
Lenin's Mausoleum
Russian Museum
Curonian Spit

I will take a trip of Russia after mine day tours from lax and all these above-mentioned places are added to my cart. I am sure this will prove a really enjoyable tour for me. What are your opinions about my travel plan? 
Russia is no doubt a great and best place where i am gonna have such marvelous and best time as it. I am really willing to have some of the good and best time as it. I will like to spend out the time this way and this will be really charming and must to see thing a lot ahead.
Not going to lie NY isn't a bad place to visit. Did you think of Russia at least once? Colorful, intricate and monumental, Russian architecture is unlike anything else you’ll see. Following traditions dating back over 1,000 years, Russia’s architecture reflects its rich history. But after turns out there is more to Russia than you could have thought. I was taken to see the Aurora in the sky in Russia. Fascinating, complex and packed with epic tales and extraordinary people, Russia’s history is larger than life, from the Mongol invasions to the rise of the Russian Empire, the advent of the Soviet Union and the rapid modernization of Russia today.

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