Hello friends!!
Hello! friends I am Amelia, I am the newbie here. Hopefully, all of you will welcome me warmly.  I would like to tell you something about myself. I am from New York city, I recently became free from my education. Now, these days I am free at home and enjoying my hobbies. TV watching, talkshawk with friends, cooking, reading stories,
Welcome Amelia. Look forward to reading your posts.
Yes, Amelia. You are welcome here and we're very glad that you made your post. Welcome!
Make it Happen! :-)
it's my pleasure that you guys welcome me warmly. Now I am really happy to be a member of this community. Surely it will gonna good time which I will spend with you. Thanks for this warm welcome. Let me know about your hobbies.

Well come to this forum ---- hope you find friend s here
And I hope you visit again

Amelia! It's good to see you here I just wanna say you warmly welcome to this great forum. like you I am so newbie here. I am so hopeful that it would be really great for us to be the part of this amazing forum for sure.
HI, Ameelia, being a new member of this forum would like to say welcome you here buddy. I am so sure you will have a really good time here as I have thought about this forum. So let's share something about those ventures which you like to enjoy in your free time.
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I read your introduction post and now would like to introduce my self. I am Zujaja and completed my education. Now i am also free that's why joined this forum because listen here every one enjoying fun time by sharing new ideas about different things. I love movies, listening songs, cooking, and outing. The outing is much superb for me always and I it so much. Anyway, i wil take los angeles to grand canyon tours for enjoying outing time with myself. Any recommendation?
Hi, Amelia! Like you, I am also a new member of this community and being a member of this discussion board, I want to say welcome here. I am really glad to meet with you in this community. Anyhow, your hobbies are really nice and best to do in free time. I am keen to talk about the reading stories. Which kind of stories do you like to read? I will wait for your next reply.
This sounds so much good and impressive and will have such charming and must to see a thing a lot ahead. I am gonna have such charming and best time as it. So keep it more up and this will be really having such charming and best time as it. So just go around and will have such appealing time as it.

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