Resurrection Pageant
This year is the 12th year for the Resurrection Pageant at the Keene Church. I have been asked to be the director for the Sanhedrin scene. So please pray that I am able to 1 glorify God through this scene and 2 that I can accurately direct based on the facts of what happened there. I am working on doing research of the Sanhedrin, which basically operates like the Supreme Court in my research so far. I am going to be reading the Bible in all 4 gospels to see what occurred during this time in Christ trials. I am open to suggestions that are either from the Bible or Ellen White's writings. I wanted to start out being a co-director, but I guess God had other plans Smile.
Well we certainly wish you all the best as you plan the Sanhedrin scene and your church does the Resurrection Pageant. It sounds like a very good event. We'll be praying for you.
Make it Happen! :-)
Thank you. There are a few places that put on this pageant. These are all university churches Andrews, Southern, Southwestern, and I think Walla Walla. It happens the Sabbath before Easter.

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