Hilton Head, SC
When I was growing up our cats lived in the barn. We had 23 one time. Since that's counting the babies that didn't last very long. We only had one dog. I remember the day he got hit by a car. My younger brother (we were about 7 and 8) and I sat behind the stove and cried. After that, Dad said no more!

So....I really look forward to Heaven. We can have all the pets we want; lions, tigers, panda bears, cats, dogs and many more.

Here's one I was looking for. Enjoy!

Make it Happen! :-)
hahaha... I love those kinds of videos. They're so funny. Cats have such hilarious personalities. It's great.

Thanks for sharing!
I have never been on You Tube video clips very much other than the last couple of weeks. It is an interesting place and is always changing. Next week there will be other cat and humorous videos. Need to check back every once in a while.
Make it Happen! :-)
YouTube is great and also is an avenue to be exposed to some very disturbing videos. And when I say disturbing, I'm pertain to the whole gambit of disturbing content that one could think of.

I've frequented YouTube from time-to-time in search of SNL clips and sitcom clips. There's so much content on there you could spend hours searching it. I haven't gone that far yet, and I don't think I ever will.

Now music on the other hand can consume my time. I have found myself searching for music all afternoon at times. Luckily, that's a rarity and has only happened, I think, once.
Actually the only experience I have had with You Tube was looking for short humorous video clips. I bet you can find all kinds of stuff there. I'll have to check it out more sometime when I have time.
Make it Happen! :-)
I don't see how people can stand to have a snake in their house. Some have tiny ones and large ones. Who knows, perhaps I'll have in my mansion in Heaven. I think they will love them there.
My uncle visited South Carolina his friends during last summer vacations. Accogding to him, Hilton Head Island is a nice town of South Carolina. Jarvis Creek Park, Haig Point Club and Harbour Town Light are very wonderful attractions for tourism. He had a great time there.
Broadway at the Beach
Congaree National Park
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Historic Charleston City Market
Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach
SkyWheel Myrtle Beach
Have added all of these places in my cart and surely will move toward of them as well as i will come back from enjoying 3 days in new york city.

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