Common Mistakes Singles Make
I recently purchased the book 'Common Mistakes Singles Make (And How to Avoid Them)" by Mary S. Whelchel and it is proving to be a very interesting book!

Mary Whelchel is a lady who had a career with IBM and then a radio ministry called The Christian Working Woman. She has been single now for over 25 years.

Some of the mistakes singles make that she mentions and the follows up with advice are:

1. We think marriage is the only normal lifestyle and that it will solve all our problems.

2. We become consumed with our desire to be married.

3. We misinterpret the attentions of the opposite sex.

4. We put up with too much in a relationship and hang on too long.

5. We're not always very good at reading danger signals in a relationship.

6. We get phycially involved much too soon and go too far.

7. We think that the only necessary requirement for a date or mate is that he or she is a Christian.

8. We carry our list of requirements for a relationship with us and judge others too quickly and selfishly.

9. We think that anything is better than being alone.

10. We fail to allow for true friendships with the opposite sex, either for ourselves or for others.

Now that is just ten of the mistakes she gives that single adults make. There are many more and the advice she gives is excellent. Would I recommend this book for single adults, widowed, divorced or never marrieds? Definitely!

The publisher is Spire edition which was republished in 2008. I bought it at a Christian Bookstore.

THESE seem like good points I am sure the book is interesting

Yes, it is a good book and I need to get it out again and read more. Would I recommend this book to other singles? Definetly!
So have you made any of these mistakes in your life? If so, what mistake have you made and what have you been able to do about it?
Make it Happen! Smile
Still no one has told us that they have made mistakes and what they were.  Love to hear from you!  Smile
Make it Happen! Smile

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