It’s a Masterpiece
I’m not gonna overpraise the clipmakers and the composer. But, in my view, it’s a masterpiece, although I do understand that this is a subjective judgment. I believe that a new neo-classic star is born and I can see his name coming in blockbusters soon. As a conservatory music teacher I know what I’m talking about.

Jasmin18, thanks very much for posting this!  It was very beautiful!  :-)
Make it Happen! :-)

thank  you for  posting this===the  music  and  photography  was  both   very good

Jasmn18! It is great you post here and shared stuff like this which is cool and nice. I watch the video and say that the girl is really beautiful and pretty. I will try to watch more videos of her in my spare time. Anyhow, keep sharing here.

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