Wedge Mountain
Wedge Mountain is one of the most famous and such a nice kind of place for having fun and which you can see in Canada. It is a best place for outing and tourists can enjoy there mountains hiking and many other fabulous fun things. It is also famous destination and my favourite too. I had a great time there but I will love to make a tour there for again and again. If you are adventure lover then I will suggest you must to be there at least once. I hope you will have a joyful time there. 

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thank  you for  posting  about this  place===it  seems  like  a  nice place to  visit

Wedge Mountain is added in my travel cart and I will explore there in the upcoming days because I heard that winter is the best time to go there. I am not sure about that so that is why keen to read from all of your sides that will go there in the winter season or not. I will be waiting for your massive replies. 

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Wedge Mountain is one of the best and perfect adventure places in Canada. I am glad to say that I have been there a few days with my friends and I spent really a nice time there. Here I am sharing some pictures from my collection.
[Image: 1*3SsTtuzARfmOmgQf4EIWtg.jpeg]
[Image: WML.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1169-e1437895618291.jpg]

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