Netbook Brands
Please help! I am posting this message from my friends computer because I see some traffic at this site, I see users are reading this site.
My computer broke! My PC broke. I was looking at many auctions and I am so confused what to select.
I don't know much about NOTEBOOK BRANDS, I feel so dumb and don't know where to BUY CHEAP LAPTOP. I found (you can see it here, direct link - "LAPTOP") - but they have so plenty of them so I am really confused what to buy. Can you kindly help me and tell me what to buy? I just did not encounter other stores then site with a big choice. Please help to select something good and cheap.

well I hope you find out the answer you are looking for

Notbook is best small and light weighted laptop. Today so many brands are introduced so many notebooks. According to me Samsung NC10, Dell Mini 10, ASUS EEEPC 1000HE, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, HP are best notbook company.

thank you for posting your thought


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