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The Art of Singleness - darlene - 12-30-2005

Here is a paragraph from the book "Single" by Judy Ford. I rather like the musical sound of this and have to admire any single adult who looks on singleness as an art. Many of the singles I meet are so desparate to be in a relationship. They don't seem to think they are a person without someone they can lean on. The viewpoint Judy Ford expresses in this paragraph is very refreshing.

"Living single, satisfied, fulfilled, and independent is an art. It's not a birthright, an inheritance, or a windfall. It's not luck. It's soemthing that's developed, studied, worked on, and perfected. It requires inventiveness, imagination, determination, awareness, and skill. Anyone with gumption and desire can do it. Anyone who wants to delebrate and rejoice in all the magnificence that life offers can practice the art. Life is overflowing within us and around us, in the clouds, the trees, and in the stars. A satified single, like a poet, a musician, or a dancer, is committed to celebrating all of existance. They see beautify in it all. Such a single stands out on their own, apart from the crowd. They dance to the beat of their own drum."

Re: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 01-11-2006

Now, this is the kind of life that I think singles should live. It is attractive and attracks other to this kind of person.

Re: The Art of Singleness - surveyor - 01-12-2006

The above passage that you quoted makes me wonder if anyone else has read and enjoyed the series of books written by Lillian Beckwith such as The Hills is Lonely, The Sea for Breakfast and Beautiful Just (to name only two). They're not spiritual books in the usual sense but recount her single life on one of the Hebridean Islands - they give such a wonderful picture of what the single life can be, solitude, time alone to walk on the beach, commune with God and nature, yet lots of friends and community life that one participates in. This is the life that I try to live.

You might enjoy them - your library probably has at least a few of her titles.

Re: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 01-12-2006

I haven't heard of Lillian Beckwith. (Where have I been?!) They do sound good though. I'll have to check them out.

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 03-22-2016

Well my singleness is an art. :-) It's not so bad being single and if we live life and accept our singleness and enjoy life then it truly is an art!

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 10-16-2016

Is your singleness an art? Too many singles try desperately to find a spouse and forget to live life well. What about you?

RE: The Art of Singleness - Fleury - 10-19-2016

"And the Lord God said, it is not Good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." Some singles can really look happy alone doing funny and interesting stuffs. But still it is not good...
Just feel like expressing my thoughts : )

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 10-19-2016

Very glad you expressed your thoughts Fleury. It is not nice for a single adult to be alone but, sometimes God wants singles to do work for Him. We think of John the Baptist and some of the other adults in the Bible who stayed single because God could use them better that way. A parent needs to focus on caring for their children. Now, I'm not saying that all single adults need to stay single, all of us need someone to love and care for us but, sometimes it's not a spouse. It could be a parent or friends, couldn't it?

RE: The Art of Singleness - Fleury - 10-20-2016

Thanks Darlene for what you said.

It true some can be happy as single than married.

And looking around, seems some are not made for marriage. Their single life is really enjoyable.


RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 10-20-2016

Thanks very much for your comments Fleury. It certainly makes us think about our lifestyle. I really don't mind being single. It's not the end of the world. :-)

RE: The Art of Singleness - WillaimHai - 11-03-2016

The specialty of singleness online writing jobs work from home… Third grade showed us that one times one will be one. One times anything will be anything. It is very soothing then to note

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 11-04-2016

Well a lot of singles certainly could write from home WillaimHai. A great job!

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 01-12-2017

So if singleness is an art and if it is an art, are you an artist? :-)

RE: The Art of Singleness - MandaPanda - 01-13-2017

I am an artist. I finally am at peace with my singleness too. Sole control of the remote. I can come and go as I please and not have to answer to anyone. I also have a lot of time for ministry. I live close to my family, which does help. I babysit for my married cousins so they can go have dates. Although I went to a play last night and my cousins husband couldn't go to the play because their babysitter (me) had tickets as well Smile

RE: The Art of Singleness - darlene - 11-12-2017

Others reading this.............have you become an artist? If so, do you enjoy being single?