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May 2019 Bird Count - darlene - 05-27-2019

Yesterday was the May 2019 Bird Count.  Our Clive Birding Club participated in our Zone 14 area.  There were 2 ladies who were going to come but, they were sick so couldn't, so a man and myself drove around our zone and we saw 58 kinds of birds and a total of 643 birds.  

It is sooooo wonderful to be able to do this.  We've done the Christmas Bird Count 2 times now and this is the first May Bird Count that we have done.

I will be giving our report with the names and numbers of all the kinds of birds that we saw with the person responsible for the Bird Count in our Province.  These Bird Counts are done all across North America.  It is a real privilege to be able to participate in this!

RE: May 2019 Bird Count - dgrimm70 - 05-28-2019


WE;LL  it  sounds  like  you  both  had a  good  time  with seeing  lots  of  birds====

maybe  you can  doe  both  Christmas and the  MAY  veiwing


RE: May 2019 Bird Count - darlene - 05-28-2019

You know, we actually did the Christmas Bird Count together with some others for the past 2 years.  :-)

RE: May 2019 Bird Count - darlene - 07-11-2019

It was really good to go out with this many because he is the one that does eBird and he knows a lot about them.  And you know what?  I got many more birds for my 2019 Bird List because of this.  So, I'm very happy!   Smile

RE: May 2019 Bird Count - dgrimm70 - 07-12-2019


it  sounds like you  are  have  a  lot  of  fun  and  seeing  a  lot  of  birds