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An Answer to Prayer - darlene - 07-17-2015

On Monday they were working on our road here and some machinery messed up our telephone system and our phones didn't work nor did our Internet.  The telephone company had made arrangements to fix it this coming Monday which meant that we would spend a whole week without telephones or Internet.  I discovered how much I depend on phones and Internet and didn't know how in the world I could survive a whole week without them.  Well last night I phoned them on my Iphone  and mentioned that there was a forum that I administered and that I really needed to get my phone fixed so I could get on the Internet......not sure if this is why they came out today and fixed the problem but anyway it is now fixed!  That is truly an answer to prayer because I was praying about it and the problem fixed three days ahead of when it was originally scheduled for.  Yes! God truly answers our prayers.

RE: An Answer to Prayer - dgrimm70 - 07-17-2015


well i am glad you got back your phone and internet again ---:-)---;-)---Tongue---:-D---


RE: An Answer to Prayer - darlene - 07-18-2015

I've already talked to 2 men at Telus to thank them for their work. They seem very surprised to have someone thank them. Is thanking someone so unusual?

RE: An Answer to Prayer - dgrimm70 - 07-18-2015


yes i think it is because people are just to busy and also people expect the companies to do their job