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Full Version: Shout Box . Why We Exist
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The Shout Box on the right hand side of the forum shares our mission statement, a welcome and some regulations for the forum. Please do read it.


Yes, the Shout Box is a good idea and you do have some good information posted in it. I would think that is probably one of the first things one sees when coming to the forum.

WELL I hope it gets used

Still good to have a Shout Box. Hope everyone is reading it.


Guess what? I read it! I do like the one that starts..."A Christ-centered safe place......" Is that what your ministry uses, darlene?
Great to have you back, Scary. Yes, that is the mission statement for ASAM in our Conference: "A Christ-centered, safe place of fellowship, nurture and service for single adults and friends." I actually think it's a great one! :-)


Thanks darlene. I'm glad to be back again. Yes, you mission statement is a very good one. I don't think we even have one. It is nice to know why this ministry exists in your conference.
Yes, we're very glad you are back Scary and glad you like our mission statement.
Well Scary has been missing for a while now. Hope She/he reads this and comes back. We'd love to have you Scary.

yes i hope you can back soon you are missed



Darlene, i didn't see any shout box yet.Can you please help me to find most reliable freelance website and shout box.
well your mission is so good, keep it Up.
WillaimHai, the shout box is on the right hand side of the forum page. It is a box with short messages.
Greetings and welcome WILLIAMHAI

Hope you visit here again

Yes, the Shout Box still exists.....
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