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Full Version: Planning For Victory
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Planning for Victory

Where are these friends? Is there anyone who will say today, with Paul, "And you should follow my example, just as I follow Christ's (1 Corinthians 11:1)? Los Angeles Lakers basketball star A. C. Green has taken up the challenge. He was bold enough to tell the magazine New Man: "I am a role model, look at me. If I can stay sexually pure, then you can too."

On Dr. James Dobson's radio programme, Focus on the Family; A. C. Green said, 'I want young people to hear this message: It is possible to wait. Not everybody is doing it. I'm proud to say that I am a virgin, and I don't hide the strength God has given me.'

In American football, to keep the other team from scoring late in the game, the team that's leading uses what is known as a 'prevent defence'. A. C. Green, in his book Victory: Principles of Championship Living, came up with five 'Prevent Defence Rules' that govern his life:

1) I don't feed my eyes on lustful images. I don't watch television and movies that show people having sex. I don't listen to music that tells me to have sex. The lower your exposure, the higher your tollerance grows.

2) I don't put myself in tempting situations. I don't invite a woman to my house at midnight to watch a movie or 'have a Bible study'. No one wants to be the party pooper, but you have to draw that line.

3) I have studied Proverbs. The adulterous woman is out to spoil me with flattering lips and seductive looks. It's a perfect picture painted by my enemy to get me to fall into his scene. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

4) I use the buddy system. I often have a thrid party with me indtead of being alone with a woman. I'm not likely to make a pass is someone is right there watching me.

5) I keep myself accountable to my firends. I've gone to Lee, Greg, Dave and others with egg all over my face more than once. Even though they love me uncodnitionally, I don't like telling them when I've failed. They are the pit crew to my race car, and they always get me back on track.

Taken from Single and Gifted by Jeffrey Brown
Have any of you put these types of rules into practise in your life? If you have, are you able to withstand this type of temptation. Do you, or have you been able to keep yourself pure?

THIS is a interesting list on this topic

Well the book "Single and Gifted" by Jeffrey Brown is everywhere. I did a search on the Internet and most every book store or book dealer has it. It certainly is a good book and I'm not trying to sell it but here is what it looks like:

thank you for posting this information

Jeffrey Brown is SDA and spoke at one or our ASAM Retreat in BC when I was there. Very, very interesting speaker!
And we had quite a few say he was the best speaker that we ever had. So, wouldn't hurt to get him to speak again.....I'll have to find out how to reach him.
This book is still available and from the link above it is getting more expensive.  Probably because it is soooo good and many are reading it.  If you haven't then maybe it would be a very good read for you.  I still have it and love it!