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Our Alberta ASAM Committee wants to create a website for our ASAM. what is the best program to use. I have used FrontPage in the past but, it no longer available. What is the program that has taken the place of FrontPage? I really need something easy or at least similar to FrontPage.

well I hope you fine some one that can help you

What I used to create two new websites is the program that Simple Updates provides. Have to pay for it, of course, but, it is usable. You can check them out at: (this website is no more) (this one still needs some work on the first page) and (this website is still up and running)

Simple Updates also manages this forum for us.

both web sites look good

Yes, they may look quite good but, they could really look better if I knew more about the program. One day................
On Thursday I updated our website. I'm learning more every time that I use it. After our next event, I'll be posting more pictures....

WELL we will be waiting for the pictures

I am very, very fortunate because our Communications Directors knows website creation very well and when I have a problem I can just check with him and he helps me. That is a real relief.


I know a little TOO much about this topic. If you play your cards right it should be free with them. You just have to attach it to a conference/church/school website. Easy. No lots who do it. but yes they look good.
Now that might be a good idea. We'll have to see.

Sounds like you know something about computers, VioletGirl?


(12-26-2013, 10:46 AM)darlene Wrote: [ -> ]Now that might be a good idea. We'll have to see.

Sounds like you know something about computers, VioletGirl?

I spent a fair amount of time teaching people the simple updates system... I no longer do that, so there are probably some systemic changes. However, as far as paying goes, I do know that as long as you can hook it to an already existing free site it's free. This should come under the umbrella of a conference or Union, right? You can even have your own domain name so you don't need to have people go through the main site to get to it--they can go directly to your homepage.
Interesting. I'll have to check with our Communication's Department. We are a Conference.

You might also be able to tell that this forum is now with Simple Updates. When it was started it was not but, as of about 3 years ago it is.


Simple Updates is a website company?


It's a company that puts out a CMS--content management system. While they do other things, one of the biggest they have is the free site for schools & churches in NAD.
It's certainly special to have free sites for school and churches in the NAD. Maybe our ministries need to become churches then our conference wouldn't have to pay so much for their websites. :-) I know my office pays for 2 of them each year; ASAM and SAGE.
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