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Full Version: Dangers of Online Dating
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There was a story in the People Magazine (and probably the news) where a fairly old, young lady of about 35-40 years met a man through the Internet and he ended up killing her. So, shouldn't a person be very, very careful about Internet dating or meeting someone via the Internet. Seems very scary to me.

My niece who lived in Newfoundland was introduced to someone from BC via Adventist Contact. After communicating with him for over a year they decided to marry. She married in BC and they lived in BC while her family was still in Newfoundland. They had 3 kids and during this time she told no one that he was physically abusing her. Eventually it had to come out and they are now divorced and he is still causing her many problems. Yes, one has to be extremely careful, even in our own church organizations. Could they sometimes be even worse than other organizations?
Anyone had any bad experiences with online dating? Or is everything hunkydorie? Big Grin



WELL I am sure there are good stories about on line
dating. just like there are bad stories.

the main problem I see with online dating is that we
are becoming a faceless society. you as well as the
other person can type can think you want about your self
so until you met the person you are not really sure what
they are like. SO call dating on line is for a period of time
is much different that dating the person for the same
period of time.

Yes, with online dating you don't really get to know the person. You just know what they type and that doesn't necessarily mean that they really think or what they are like. Although, dgrimm60, you've typed so much on the forum, don't you think many of us have gotten to know you? Shy Shy Big Grin Big Grin



WELL like I said before I am sure there are good stories
about on line dating.

and I am sure people on this forum are getting to know me .

Smile Tongue :Smile 8) :-D



It's just a fact of life that there are predators everywhere, whether online or living on your street. Those terrible stories havd happened in relationships who met in ways other than the internet, but they do underscore the greater need to be cautious online, because predators can take advantage of online invisibility.

I personally know four couples who met eHarmony, and they seem to be happily married.

I have met some wonderful people online also, not necessarily a good match for marriage, but people I can trust as well as I trust the friends I first met face to face without an internet introduction.

Time is an important factor. Be cautious of the knight in shining armor or the beautiful princess who wants to move in with you tomorrow and get married next week. If the one who interest you lives across the country, you need to make your dating experience more realistic by living in the same town for six months to a year before you tie the knot.



Glad you posted again you are missed



Thanks - I had signing on difficulties, but have finally gotten in again!
Hi LynnDel, I'm so glad you made it back on! I know there are a couple of others who used to post regularly who haven't been able to get back on. I haven't been able to discover the problem. Did you have to change your password?

And, yes, some couples have successfully made it through the maze of online dating. There are many others though who haven't or who have but, the person they married was certainly not the right one. So, a person does take a chance in meeting that way. Many people who have known one another for years also have not survied the marriage thing either. So.....who's to say one way is better than another?


There appears to be no easy way to "date" and find the "right" person. On-line does seem to work for some people, but appears risky. What are the safe-guards that you would put into place?

I have met a lot of people on-line who I feel as though I know and count as good friends. Sometimes I wonder if we would be friends if we met in person. In many cases it is unlikely that I would ever know these people were it not for the 'net'. Just thinking outloud.

And, yes Doug, we do seem to be moving towards a faceless society. Or, are we just expanding our boundaries?

I don't have any answers, just questions. This is an excellent topic!
I've had two online stories in my own family. My brother met his wife online and things are working out very well for them.

My niece met her husband online, they had 3 kids and he turned out to be abusive so they are now divorced. Her family and his family both knew each other several years ago and thought it would be a good match. Well, it wasn't

What was the difference? I really don't know.
Well, my brother's marriage to a wife who he met online ended a couple of years ago. Sad but, I guess he was one who didn't really get to know his wife well before they married. So.....does it work? Love to hear your thoughts on online dating.
Have you heard anything about couples who have met at an online dating site? How did things work out for them. We'd love to hear more good things...........:-)
Yes, online dating can work for some people but, I think they really need to work on their relationship before they marry, don't you?
Online dating is still happening but, I think things have slowed down some. People do realize that they really need to get to know someone before they marry. What are your thoughts on this subject?