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"One of the chief sources of happiness for successful single individuals is having a special purpose or personal mission. High-flying singles are passionate about their great purpose in life and don't need a relationship to make life worth living. Happy individuals with a personal mission say life is extraordinarily worth living - with or without an intimate relationship.

If you are having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings, you haven't found your personal mission. Having an important purpose in life means being truly alive. In the mornings, you can't contain your high level of excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead. You can't wait to get started whether it is raining, snowing, or sunny outside. Your personal mission is a calling in life which will be determined from within yourself. It comes from your soul; it is your essence and reason for being. Your personal misison is why you came into this world."

(adapted from the book "The Joy of Not Being Married" by Ernie J. Zelinski and published by VIP Books)

Now, as a Christian, I believe that God had given us our mission. He created us for a reason and as adults we need to know why God placed us here on this earth. So, what is your mission in life? Why did God place you here?

I believe that my mission in life is "To promote, facilitate and encourage personal growth and esteem in all, in particular those less advantaged by reason of circumstance or heritage." (It probably needs some work but, I know what I mean! Big Grin)

So, why did God place you here on this earth?
From the same gentleman author comes some advantages for single living:

You can jog in your living room

You can eat pizza every day for a whole month

There are no messy problems of family life

You don't have to pretend to be cheerful when you aren't

You don't have to wait for the washroom

No disagreements over which religion to follow

Don't have to justify how you spend money

One less Christmas and Birthday gift to select and buy

Don't have any worries about breaking up

You can stay on the phone for as long as you want

Can nap without having to justify it to anyone

You can be as messy as your mood allows
You get to decorate your home with wild colours

All messages on the telephone answering machine are yours

Can hang your canoe in your living room without having a spouse complain



I like these two:

You don't have to wait for the washroom

Don't have to justify how you spend money

At work sometimes we have to wait for the washroom. Sure glad I don't have to at home. So being single certainly has it advantages!
What is your mission statement? Have you taken the time to find out why God placed you here on this earth?

Laurie Beth Jones in her book The Path gives a quick formula for writing a one sentence mission statement. I once wrote mine by using it. Mine is:

To promote, facilitate and encourage personal growth and esteem in all, in particular those less advantaged by reason of circumstance or heritage.

I do realize it needs more work to make it into a sentence that is easy to remember. Any suggestions?
Yes! Singleness certainly has it advantages. Some may not agree with me but, when I look at some of my friends at work who are married and hear them complain about things about their spouse and what they have done.....I am very glad that I am single! True though, there are some advantages to being married but.....I'm not going to focus on those! No, I'm going to enjoy life! Big Grin
As a single adult, do you enjoy your life or are you always wishing you were married to that special person? Sometimes we wish our lives away. Hope you are all making your life worthwhile and enjoying it! Smile
No one has responded to this thread which means no other singles have a purpose in life? Surely I'm wrong?



THE list in the 2nd post is cute and funny

I've also had a motto that I used in high school and still use today. "whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might." Probably others have something similar and we'd like to hear what it might be.....
Come on you guys we want to hear from you!
Still haven't heard from you................. :-(
Yes, Scary, I also like those two. Certainly makes it nice to be single. :-)

You don't have to wait for the washroom

Don't have to justify how you spend money
Well, I spent some money today and I don't have to tell anyone. Sure do like that! :-)


So, what is your special purpose in life? As a never married single what has God given you to do?

No, I don't have to wait to use the washroom. That is a very nice reason to be single. :-)
This summer (2014) at our camp meeting we will be having James and Carolyn Sutton as workshop presenters for Single Adults. Their theme is 'A Life of Purpose.' It sounds like and excellent workshop. Sure don't want to miss it.
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