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Full Version: What in your opinion is the best OS ever?
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I’m totally disappointed with windows vista…Because 2 month before I bought the windows vista 32bit version…until now always happen some problem to my laptop...So I think to change my OS again. So what OS do you prefer to me?


I have work out on so many Operating System but my all time favouirte is Window XP easy to use and features in the Window Xp are the awesome and the speed of the XP is awesome...

Kodak Playtouch


I suggest you to use the windows XP. Because there are so many features availabe like it is very easy to use. The graphics are very excellent. And some other features are as bellow :

1. Built on the new Windows engine
2. Enhanced device driver verifier
3. Dramatically reduced reboot scenarios
4. Improved code protection
5. Side-by-side DLL support
6. Windows File Protection


I want to hit the Linux and MS. Both are best for me. However, MS is the best OS Linux is better then 7. We recommend that you start, and graphics. Windows 7 has many features. Users familiar with the new taskbar and Aero pike could be, but we are trying to use the honor. I like media player and other instruments, such as a calendar. Very important thing is that it is very easy to use.
I don't know much about Operating Systems, etc. So I'm glad that others are posting here and adding their comments. About all I know is how to use a computer program.... :-)
Yes, I agree with you, johnpitter. Then when they upgrade to a new program they leave things out that are working very well. That's discouraging because then you have to learn the whole program all over again.


Linux is a Unix-like, Kernal-based, fully memory-protected, multitasking operating system.It runs on a wide range of hardware from PCs to Macs. Many beginner users find Windows easer to use than other operating systems. It has been enjoying an overall advantage over Linux due to Microsoft’s market success because of its broad focus aimed at all kinds of users so Linux is best os for me.


Windows 7 64bit is awesome OS, Much better and much comfortable then other OS, Excellent in speed and number of nice updated features, most popular operating system in people nowadays.


According to me windows 7 is best operating system. It will be advanced and able to supporting all the new application. And it will able to run on 32 bit or 64 bit processor.


According to me the windows XP is best, Because there are so many features available,like it is very easy to use, The graphics are very excellent,Built on the new Windows engine Enhanced device driver verifier, Improved code protection, Windows File Protection etc.


My favorite operating system are Window Xp.This Operating system are amazing and easy to learn.


I personally like to use window XP which is easy to use and the graphics are actual excellent,Built on the new Windows engine Enhanced accessory disciplinarian verifier, Improved cipher protection, Windows File Aegis and Side-by-side DLL support.really this is the best and useful operating system.


As per my view Linux is a good operating system. I used an excellent feature of this system. It is really useful for some programs that companies could act. It is usually well integrated into compatibility.


As per me there is a Window XP is the best, because it was a very easy, and it is having a every tool, it is very easy to use, the graphics are very attractive.


In my opinion Microsoft windows 7 is best operating system then others. It will provide speed, advanced functionality, and security to user account. Windows 7 is compatible to run all type of application perfectly so user feel good.
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