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The best nonAdventist Ministry site that I know of is the one by Dennis Franck. There is a lot of excellent information here. When I spoke to Dennis in Phoenix about putting a link here he was very happy for us to do so. Their site is at:


Now, that is a good site. I'll have to spend some time there reading all the articles and information. Maybe it will help me begin a ministry in our area.
As far as I know this is still the best (in my estimation) Single Adult Ministry in Noth America. Their leader Dennis Franck will be one of the presenters at the upcoming SAM Convention, February 2009 in Daytona Beach, FL
The person behind the 'best nonAdventist ministry site' is Dennis Franck and he was the presenter at the ASAM workshop at the recent General Conference. Yes, I'd have to say that this is still the best ministry site! Smile



wow that is neat the DENNIS FRANCK was at the G.C. and gave a workshop at A.S.A.M.

Yes, and he is even in the Single Creek video clips from the GC.
The leader in this ministry, Dennis Franck is one of the ones speaking in this video clip:
Here are some startling statistics from a PowerPoint Program on the Assemblies of God Single Adult Ministries website. They show that there are now more unmarried households in N America than there are married households.

Married households
55.2 million…………………………..49. 8 percent

Unmarried households
55.8 million ………………………….50. 2 percent

14 million single women
5 million single men
36. 7 million single, “non family”- friends of same/opposite sex

-Reported in 10/15/06 Yahoo News, Maxim Kniazkov
U.S. CENSUS BUREAU - 2005 American Community Survey

If you want to look at the rest of this PowerPoint Program you can go their website listed above.

Wow! It looks like the US is similar to Canada because in the 2006 Canadian Census it showed that 51.86% of all adults are single; never married, divorced or widowed. And in the us. 50.2% of all households are unmarried while 49.8% are married households.

Doesn't this tell us something?
At the recent NAD Ministries Convention in Tampa, Florida we were given an "Enrichment" magazine. Dennis Franck, from the Assemblies of God wrote an excellent article in there about Single Adult and Young Adult Ministries. Some very good information in there. Yes, he is one of the best SAM Leaders and our church would do well to share some of his information and experience so that we could do better at this very important ministry to this very important group of people in our church and in our communities!

thank you for posting this information

I understand that Dennis F. is doing a workshop in Abbotsford, B.C. this month. Wish I could attend!
This website and ministry are still going strong............the website has several new video clips on the 1st page right now. You can connect by using the link on the 1st post.
Still one of the best Singles Ministries and here are some of their articles/topics:
The Assemblies of God Singles Ministries web here is still good and has some very good articles. I just heard though that Dennis Franck is no longer the leaders. Sad! He was soooo good!
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