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Full Version: The Single-never-married Unchurched
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Some startling information from George Barna Research:

At the recent North American Ministries Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, George Barna of Barna Research Group shared some startling information! Research has shown that whereas one-quarter of American adults (26%) are single-never-married, nearly two-fifths of the unchurched fit that definition (37%) So what does this say to us as a church or Adventist Single Adult Ministries? I would say that it says:

1) We need to make a greater effort at reaching these unchurched single adults and a greater effort to retain the never-married-adults that we do have. Many of them, of course, are in the 20-30's age group. Yes, we have Young Adult Ministries but, shouldn't we also divide Single Adults into at least two age groups, and not just a general Adventist Single Adult Ministry?

2) When Jesus was dying on the cross did He stop and ask those around Him if they were married and then only die for those that were? Of course not! His focus was on saving souls not on marital status. Our church has need for growth in this area. All people are equally worthy candidates for Heaven. All people are equally worthy members of the Family of God. I strongly suspect there would be less unchurched single-never-married adults if God's Church family (not just the Adventist Church) accepted all people as equally worthy candidates for Heaven.

So....let's move on in this Ministry! Let's not just focus on the single adults in this church but, reach out to single adults in our community. Jesus, the ultimate single adult, is coming very soon and all people, whatever their marital status or nonmarital status need to prepare for this greatest of all events!
What I have found most disturbing of all, is that many single adults do not even feel a need to offer their help to their local single adult ministry. Are we so focused on finding a mate that we loose sight of offering to help? Do we think that those that are married should be helping us instead of us helping ourselves? Come on guys, you are needed! Should we not be reaching out our hands to those singles in our communities inviting them to come along with us to our heavenly home. If we're so slow maybe in the end, they will be then ones reaching out their hand inviting us to come with them to our heavenly home. Is that so bad? No! Jesus died for each one of us.

Tough talk? Yes, and no. But....we need to get motivated! Jesus is coming very soon!
This weekend I put my time and energy where my mouth is! A couple of weekends ago I offered to begin an ASAM in the church that I am currently attending after moving here in October. This past Sabbath four of us met following the service. Now.....I've go to get things going. It is small, that's okay, it will grow.



WELL I will be praying for this and your group

Yes, we do need more single adults to help with this ministry. On our Alberta ASAM Committee we have four ladies (2 never married) now and the last man we had on the committee resigned this past week. I certainly can understand why; he teaches guitar lessons every week day evening and that is when we have our meetings so he can't come. Hopefully we can find a good replacement to take his place very soon.

We actually had a meeting last night and planned our 2014 year. We will be having 6 conference-wide events and several local ones. Should be a great year!

keep us posted and up to date



Well, it sounds like your ASAM is active even if you have a committee member resigning. Wish ours around here were active.
Yes, our ASAM was very active for many years but, now that I'm no longer leading it we still don't have a new leader. We really need someone to catch a vision of the need for this ministry and what it can do and what it can become.................I do have confidence that God will lead because it is such a very necessary ministry for half the adult population.