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Full Version: Pray For Alberta....Fires
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Please pray for the Province of Alberta.......right now there are several forest fires burning in Northern Alberta our area is filled with quite a bit of smoke and it sure smells strong.'s only the end of May.  Wonder what it's going to be like this summer.......................?

Several villages, towns and native communities are being evacuated.  Please pray for those people amd pray that they get the fires under control.  Sure don't need this kind of weather!

Yes  I  will  be  praying for   all these  things

Oh, my.....since I made the above post it has gotten a lot worse.  So, very, very smoky and yet the fires are really far away.  Hope they are able to put them out very, very soon!
This Friday morning it is still very, very smoky outside and the smell is very, very bad.  It was supposed to clear up today and smoke blow another direction but, it still hasn't........
This Friday evening there is still a LOT of smoke!  There are over 5 fires in the northern part of our province and still the smoke is coming all the way down here.  Very sad because some people are really struggling with this.  Please pray that the firemen will be able to get these fires under control and put out.  Sure don't need this so early in the year....tonight at midnight it will be June 1.  Makes one wonder what summer is going to be like.........
Still very smoky this Sabbath morning.  Fires must all still be burning.  Sad!

thank  you for the updates=====I   am  still  praying

This morning it is beautiful, sunny and clear.  The wind blew the smoke away.  Doesn't mean it won't come back but, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful day!  

Fires are still raging but the wind must be blowing it another direction.  Hopefully they can get some of the fires out very soon.
Well the fires are still burning but, the wind isn't blowing our way so we haven't had any smoke for the last few days.  So glad because smoky skies are not fun!  Hopefully they will get the fires out soon....
And now the fires are all out.  So glad!  What a relief......:-)