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Full Version: Snow, Cold and Terrible Florence Hurricane
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It snowed tonight.  Not very much but, it is now 0 C and it is supposed to snow tonight.  I am soooooooooooooo not ready for this!  

We also need to pray for the area of South East U.S. where the hurricane is coming.  Sounds very bad and scary!  
Well this morning we have about an inch of snow.....sure don't need it and it is continuing to snow a little. Hopefully it will stop soon.

Hurricane Florence is about to hit the Carolinas and continue on travelling. We will certainly be praying for everyone there! We will pray for safety and less destruction. We certainly don't need storms like that either!

wow this is the middle of SEPT and you people are getting snow=====

yes I have been praying for those people in the CAROLINAS

Yes, I know. We don't usually get snow until about November. So, snow now is not supposed to happen. It has happened in the past sometimes but not very often and it doesn't last. Hopefully! :-)
Snow is now almost gone but, it's supposed to snow again on Sunday. Sure don't need it!

WELL it seems like you people up north are getting winter early

Yes and now our snow is gone....for today....might get a mixture of rain and snow tomorrow. Sure don't like this weather!

It also looks like Florence is doing her damage. So sorry and hope that no more people are killed because of her. Sad! :-(
Oh my! We have a snowfall warning. Supposed to get 10-15 cm tonight. Something sure is wrong. We're having winter already. I just can't believe it......

I have Sabbath School tomorrow at our church and I sure do hope I can make it. :-(

MAYBE this mixed up weather is a sign of the very last days

I've been wondering that...........This morning we have about 4" of snow and it's still snowing. Hopefully I can get to Sabbath School so I can do the program.

Well I am glad you got to go to Sabbath School and Church

We've had a very strange last part of summer and our fall............snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt. The poor farmers haven't even been able to completely harvest their fields yet.

Today it went up to 10 degrees C and most of the snow is gone but, on Monday, we're supposed to have more snow. Haven't had this kind of weather in years and I'm sure not ready for winter!
Today I let my lawnmower run till it used up the gas and died so, now it's ready for winter and is in my shed. I also put a water hose in the shed and quite a few of my flower pots. So...................I'm getting ready for winter. We're supposed to have some snow tomorrow but then the next few days it's warming up again. We sure are mixed up this year!