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Full Version: Forrest Fires on the West Coast
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British Columbia and California have many, many forest fires now and it is affecting us in Alberta.  This morning it is soooo smoky that we can't even see the sun.  Please pray that they can get these fires under control so that we can breath again.

This morning I'm planning  on mowing my lawn (takes 2 1/2 hours) and I hope the smoke doesn't affect me.  
BC has now declared a state of emergency because they have 560 fires burning. Very sad! They sure do need our prayers for them. We are even being affected very much by the smoke.

yes I will be praying that these fires get under control


I hope you get you grass cut ===you may have to do it another day

I did get the grass cut in my backyard but, tomorrow I'll have to cut the grass in the front. Today it was very smoky but, I'm wondering about tomorrow. If it's worse tomorrow I will not cut my grass. I just drove into town and back and you can hardly see for very far. It is sooooooooooooo smoky.
I did cut our grass on Thursday afternoon. It wasn't as smoky because there was a wind. it is still very smoky. Hopefully soon things will clear up a little more. We need to breath.................
And this afternoon/evening we have the worst smoke that we've had this year. Sure smells and looks bad! Need to pray that BC fires get under control and put out.

This morning I cut my grass and didn't have a problem but this evening I cut the grass at our little hall and now my eyes are hurting. Hopefully when I go to bed and have my eyes closed things will improve.

Sorry about your eyes and all the smoke in your area====yes I have been praying
for the people to help put out the fires

Well it rained a little bit this morning so the smoke is mostly gone. It's supposed to keep raining a little bit this afternoon but, tomorrow it's supposed to not rain soooooooooooooooooo hoping. :-)