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Full Version: Pray For Me
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This week there was a young man from our church who died.  He was only 31 and died very unexpectedly.  His mother and family are really struggling with this and I sure don't blame them.  His funeral will be at the church that I attend because he was attending quite regularly.  And....guess what.....I've been asked to sing a song so........can you please pray for me. I've sung at a lot of funerals but, it's a very sad situation and I'm definitely struggling with this.   

So....thanks for all the prayers.

Yes I for you to sing well===and I will be praying for this family


Yes, thanks for the prayers and I hope I do sing well. The family is still struggling and the funeral is getting closer. Very sad!
Things went well even if it was at a very sad funeral. There were over 300 people attending and most of them were from the smaller communities. And..........I survived singing the song the family asked me to sing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." He had just made that decision shortly before he died so the family were very comforted by his choice. Now he is resting............
Last week we gave this mother two fuzzy and beautiful blankets. One for herself and one for her grandson. We've been giving these quilts to those in our village who have lost a parent/family member (when we know they have lost someone) and so we gave some again to this family. The quilts are intended to supply warmth and comfort during their time of loss.

that is a very good deed you people are doing