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Full Version: Latest Canadian Census Figures...Singles
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Latest Canadian Census Figures......................I can't delete the lines below so you can look at the Census results down below this......

Canadians are living increasingly alone and without children, according to the latest census figures released by Statistics Canada.
The number of Canadians living alone increased to its greatest share since Confederation and was the most common type of household in the country in 2016, representing 28.2 per cent of all households in Canada.
That is an increase from 25.7 per cent in 2001. Fully 13.9 per cent of the Canadian adult population now lives alone. That figure stood at just 1.8 per cent in 1951. According to Statistics Canada, this puts Canada well in line with the United Kingdom and the United States, though countries like France and Germany have more single-person
So, living singly in Canada is similar to the US and United Kingdom......

What do you think of this?

this show me that people do not want to be in any relationships with other people----so maybe they do not want top be in a relationship with GOD also???? just thinking

Now that could be.........don't know why they stay single. Would love to find out. Any comments from anyone reading this would be appreciated!
Now is it so terrible to be single? I sure don't think so. What about you?