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Full Version: A Big Thanks To All Who Participate
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This forum is intended to be a place where all Adventist single adults and single friends can:

1. Come and find information about other single adult ministries
2. Discuss issues pertaining to singleness
3. Fellowship with other single adults
4. Discuss what works and what does not work in Single Adult
5. Post upcoming events.

I want to thank all those who have contributed to the forum with their comments and observations. You are soooo appreciated!

I want to thank all who have contributed for respecting and valuing other's comments, not belittling and putting others down. We are all God's children and it is sooo important to treat everyone with Christian love and respect.

Let me affirm that all who come here are God's children and are truly loved by Him.
A very big thank you to Naomi for all the work she does on the Sabbath School Lesson Thread each day/each week. You are truly a blessing to us, Naomi, and God is using you to draw us closer to Him!


:-[ :-[ :-[ Ah shucks ... thanks Darlene.

I only put words on the forum, the Holy Spirit brings them to life for the benefit of all. Please, everyone, feel free to share your thoughts, comments, concerns, etc.

The more we interact and share, the more we all benefit.
Yes, we need the interaction! We learn from one another and that is what a forum is all about. Now......we just need more people to add their comments.


well I have been adding my comments to
several forums

Smile Smile Smile
smile smile smile

And your comments are very valued, dgrimm60. We do appreciate all your are doing to make this forum work. Be assured, you are needed and appreciated!



well thank you

You're welcome. You deserve it!
There hasn't been any advertising of this forum since it was moved to the NAD ASAM website. In the next little while we hope to do some updating, etc. and then will do some advertising. We need more people contributing to the discussion here. So, if you read this, please know that your input is valued and we hope you share news about this forum with your friends so that it can truly beocme 'The Online Adventist Single Adult Community "The Happening Place."'
Some of you have shared with me that you tell your friends about this forum. Thank you! Probably the most effective form of advertising is by word of mouth. So.....thank you for not keeping us a secret.

I have also been noticing that we have many people who drop by most every day. Thank you. We do appreciate you coming back. Hopefully we will get more people posting. Discussion is just what we need and perhaps some feel like they can't write well...don't let that worry you. We appreciate all your thoughts and input. You are valued here! 8) continue to be valued here!

From time to time some people hope to advertise their Singles dating websites, etc., However, since this is a ministry it would not be an appropriate place for these types of advertising. Sorry...
We hope though, that you will all, find information, fellowship and acceptance here in the forum. Afterall, we are the 'gathering place.'
In the July 2009 issue of the Canadian Union Messenger Adventist Single Adult Ministries is featured and this forum email address is listed. Hopefully that will draw more people to this forum. We need more people and we need more people willing to talk, post events and share their ideas. The more the better!



well this is good news




I read the comment.That is nice idea of sharing the comment.The news shared by you is nice,Plesae keep sharing in future.Thank you for sharing the comment..
Well, September 7 and 8th some advertising was done and sent to some in the NAD, many single adults and Adventist Single Adult Leaders. We shared that we had topped 600 members and invited others to come and see. Hopefully some did come and see. We will be sending out more in the very near future. Afterall.....we are a growing forum ministry and have quite a few visiting this place every day.

Now.....we just need more of our members posting their comments and upcoming ASAM events. Then......we will be successful.
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