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Full Version: Wonderful Children's Ministries Convention 2015
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This past weekend, October 23-25, 2015, we had our Alberta Conference Children's Ministries Convention and it turned out to be very, very good!  Our speaker was Pastor Saustin Mfune, the Children's Ministries Associate Director for the General Conference of SDA or 'Shortie' as he was often called.  He is short but, what a great man he is!  His presentations were excellent and very inspiring.   He is a man who sings and has written many children's songs and also written about 4 books on working and training children. Those that attended shared with me that they were very blessed and very glad to have attended.  

Thank you very, very much 'Shortie!' 

well it sounds like the weekend meeting were very good

Yes, our weekend convention was very, very good. The speaker was very, very good and everything else about it was very, very good. Too bad we don't have Children's Ministries Convention like this all the time then our church children's programs would be perfect! :-)